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第3回  Treats for Tots: Maple Pumpkin Muffins

アメリカでは、この時期になるとパンプキンパイやパンプキン・チーズケーキなど、パンプキンづくしになります。そこで、今回の「The Sweet Life」では、そのパンプキンを使った子供向けのお菓子レシピをご紹介します。子供向けに市販されているお菓子には以外と糖分が多く含まれていますが、今回のレシピは砂糖の代わりにメープルシロップ、油の代わりにアップルソースを使い、乳製品や卵を一切使っていないので、アレルギー持ちのお子様にも嬉しい簡単なお菓子です。寒くなってきたこの季節に、お子様と一緒にお菓子作りに挑戦してみては?

After a process of trial and error, with my daughter, Siena, as my guinea pig, I finally came up with a workable recipe for sugar-free, egg-free, and dairy-free muffins that are perfect for little ones. Siena likes to help with mixing, too!
This recipe uses maple syrup as a substitute for refined sugar. Maple syrup is rich in minerals and is a wonderful sweetener for children, with the added bonus of a great flavor that isn't simply sweet. To dress these treats up for adults, try a glaze of cream cheese with maple syrup and a touch of lemon juice for a perfect seasonal treat.
Apple sauce is used here in place of oil and butter, reducing the calories in this snack while adding flavor and natural sweetness. Buy the applesauce (available at National Azabu and other supermarkets selling imported foods) or make your own by simmering apples with a small amount of water until tender and putting them in a food processor. You can replace the oil or butter in many recipes with the same amount of apple sauce. Just be aware that removing the oil or butter from a recipe will often mean that it is best enjoyed the day it is made, as it does not contain the oils which would allow it to remain moist for a longer period of time.
Canned pumpkin was used in this recipe, as I happened to have some on hand, but you could also use peeled, cooked kabocha, put in a food processor and pureed into a paste with some additional water. It should be a similar consistency to apple sauce or slightly thicker.
I hope that you will give this recipe a try, and let the little ones be involved too! Just spread some newspaper on the floor to catch the (inevitable) messes... Happy baking!

Pumpkin Maple Muffins

150g flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
Pinch salt
1 teaspoon cinnamon

50g applesauce
30g maple syrup
75g canned pumpkin
70g soy milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
50g raisins

In a small bowl, mix together the flour, baking powder, salt, and cinnamon.
In a separate bowl, mix the applesauce, maple syrup, pumpkin, and soy milk with a whisk for 1.5 to 2 minutes. Add the vanilla extract. Fold in the flour mixture and combine just until mixed, then add raisins. Do not overmix.
Bake at 180c for 15 minutes, remove immediately from pan and cool on a wire rack

Caption 1: A little chef at work!
siena baking赤ちゃん.jpg

Caption 2: Canned pumpkin and prepared apple sauce used for today's recipe.
pumpkin applesauce(缶).jpg

Caption 3: Muffins ready to eat!

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